Your new _cool_ **Markup** Editor

With support for [ GF ] Markdown, Textile and BBCodes

and available for the Content Management System Bludit

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A few awesome Features

Resizeable textarea editor
The height of the textarea field adapts itself to the amount of content, if desired. The toolbar has the same behaviour, it adds a scrollbar if to many actions are on a too small screen.
Write-flow supporting functions
The browsers default behaviour remains unaffected as far as possible. We only repeat walkable / repeating markups add some usable shortcuts and give you the possibility to register your own ones.
Word, Line & Character Counter
The statusbar counts words, lines and each single character and can be completely controlled and overwritten by your own JavaScript function, if necessary.
Full Markup Support
The complete GitHub Flavored Markdown, Textile and "default" BBCode repertoire is available to you and your users. Other Markup languages, such as Wikitext, are coming soon!
Extendable and Rich API
The programming interface is really easy and smart and allows to write extensive and powerful plugins and extensions. Check out our awesome Plugin Repository on GitHub.
Translatable Environment
The complete environment, except the debug messages, are completely translatable in your websites-native language. It is also possible to switch the language on the fly!
Support for jQuery, MooTools and IE 9+
This pure vanilla JavaScript plugins supports also the jQuery and MooTools JavaScript library as well as Microsoft's highly-modern, super-fast, powerful Internet Explorer 9 (and above).
Free and Open Source
Did we already mention, that this project is free and published under the MIT License? Just a few optional premium Plugins have to be purchased via one-time payment (currently not available!).

Play with some Settings

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Work in Progress

Together we can improve tail.writer

The tail.writer JavaScript plugin is still in beta, and may contains some bugs or unconventional patterns of behaviour. To fix all of these, and to make this script as awesome as possible, we need your help!

So please report each bug, request each feature you wanna see and write us each improvement you would made on the official GitHub Repository page.

Let's rock tail.writer!